CM Chicken in Philadelphia at University City

28 Apr 2022
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Philadelphia, PA - CM Chicken in Philadelphia at University City, is a Korean fried chicken restaurant with a unique snow topping. It is related to the South Korean Choong Man Chicken chain of restaurants and is thus sometimes referred to as the "other KFC." The restaurant features an upbeat space, and its menu has K-Pop videos in place of sports. The staff is friendly, and the food is well-prepared, so you're likely to leave satisfied.

About CM Chicken - Worth the Hype?

In 2009, CM CHICKEN opened as a Korean chicken restaurant. Their goal is to provide the best quality chicken possible and create a fun and friendly atmosphere for diners. The chicken is raised in Korea, and CM CHICKEN runs its distribution and processing centers. Its unique flavor is achieved through marinating it in its special sauce. The result is a delicious chicken experience that will leave you wanting more.

About CM Chicken is open for dine-in, delivery, and takeout. You can also earn rewards by visiting the restaurant. You can earn stamps on your loyalty card with each visit, and after earning the required number of stamps, you will receive a free whole chicken!

LINK: CM Chicken in Philadelphia at University City